This usually refers to implementing a new accounting system or converting from one accounting system to another. If your new accounting system ties you into the vendor being the only one to perform the implementation it’s almost probably the wrong system.

Many cloud based accounting systems are now becoming available. Cloud based refers to being accessed via a web browser rather than directly from you desktop PC. The advantages of this are undeniable; but there are drawbacks. The software is not installed on your desktop PC or laptop but accessed via the internet. Essentially this means the software and your data is located on someone else’s PC rather than yours. The software is provided to you as a service (SAS: Software as a service) and you have access as long as you subscribe to the service. If you lapse the subscription then you lose access to your accounting records. This potentially puts you in breach of Company Law. Internet connection speeds are also a major concern; as your volume of data increases response times are likely to deteriorate. Web browser access to your own locally hosted software and data seems the better solution and indeed is available.

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