I can offer a number of programming based solutions for accounting needs as well as providing bespoke accounting solutions in Microsoft Excel and FileMaker. My Microsoft Excel accounting solutions are based upon a daybook system. Traditionally a daybook is simply a sheet in a book recording the day’s transactions. With the advent of computers and databases the concept remains - however its execution is more efficient. Specific daybooks cover sales, purchases, cash book and journals. Using Visual Basics for Applications ( VBA ) for Excel data input is better validated and reports are more efficiently generated.

FileMaker is relational database system produced by FileMaker Inc., a company wholly owned by Apple. My Microsoft Excel accounting solutions are being re-written in FileMaker Inc. offering a more robust product. These solutions currently include a Business Expense solution and a sole trader receipts and payments account and will be available free to my clients. The solutions are packaged as a “runtime” solution meaning you do not have to have a copy of FileMaker to use it. The potential is exciting however as the solutions can be become “apps” and available either on your PC desktop, or via the internet and on you iPad or iPhone.

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